Monday, May 24, 2010

Green Tip of the Day: Eat Local

1. Buy Local, Grill Local
Farmers' markets open soon, if they haven't already opened for the season. Choose your meal based on what's in season now, and available locally. Aim to buy as much as possible food grown and produced within 100 miles of home.
Need a jump-start in finding all things local? Use the 100-Mile Diet Mapping Tool to define your target area. Then, use Local Harvest to find local farms and farmers' markets in your neighborhood.

2. The Substitute You'll Actually Pay Attention To
Some summer favorites just aren't available yet. Try these worthy substitutes until the harvest catches up with your appetite. Although there's really no substitute for sweet corn, how about grilling asparagus? It's quick, easy, and the grilled flavors this venerable veg evokes simply can't be beat.
Have a hankering for crisp, cool watermelon? Sub in strawberries — they're ripe for the picking (and eating). Tired of waiting for "everything tomato?" Try our white gazpacho soup recipe that uses lots of garlic instead and will make your calendar-watching days a little more tolerable.

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Happy Monday! :)


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