Sunday, May 9, 2010

Top 3 Best and Worst TV Moms

The Best Moms

Number Three:
Kitty Forman
of "That 70's Show"
Kitty Forman was always there to put a home cooked meal on the table and baby her nearly grown up kids with hot cocoa and cookies even while working hard as a nurse. She willingly welcomed her son Eric's friend Hyde into her home and always urged Eric and Lori to make it to church. So she had a little bit of an alcohol problem aaand she went kinda crazy when she hit menopause....we'll let that slide for #3. 

Number Two:
Carol Brady
of "The Brady Bunch"
Carol Brady was a nearly perfect mom in a nearly perfect family. She was always giving her children profound words of wisdom such as "don't play ball in the house." Pretty awesome, right? Granted, many of Carol's motherly duties, such as cooking and cleaning, were passed off to the maid, Alice. But that's OK. :P

Number One:
Clair Huxtable
of "The Cosby Show"
"Clair Huxtable is...very eloquent, elegant....playful, silly, yet very assertive." -Wikipedia
This TV mom proved to be very loving towards her children, but still gave them "the look" (see above) whenever they misbehaved. Since she was a lawyer, she even represented her daughter Sondra once when she needed it. Claire is definitely the number one TV mom!

The Worst Moms

Number Three:

of "Malcolm in the Middle"
Lois had some serious anger issues. She was always telling someone off (whether it be a teacher, name it) and was constantly proving that she was always right. She constantly embarrasses her children in front of people (she once spent the night in a dorm room with Malcolm and other students his age when he was visiting a college), and goes way overboard with her punishments. She once shoved lit cigarettes down her oldest son, Francis' throat when she herself was a smoker. Bad mom.

Number Two:
Roseanne Conner
of "Roseanne"
Roseanne quotes:
"If I ever get off this sofa I will be unstoppable."
Roseanne: no matter what we do we're gonna screw our kids up! Let me have Darlene and you can have Becky.
Dan: what about D.J?
Roseanne: we'll flip for it

Number One:

Benny Lopez

of "George Lopez"

Oh, Benny. Benny is definitely the worst TV mom of all time. She was an alcoholic and a gambler. She told her son George that his father was dead, even though she knew where he was. She never said "I love you" without a sarcastic tone, and the only time she ever told George she was proud of him (also kind of sarcastically) was when he fired her.

Have a Happy Mother's Day everyone! :)


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