Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reader challenge!

I need your help! There are 2 things I need your help with.

First, I need your opinion with this thing me and my boyfriend were talking about. It has to do with this puzzle from Sunday's post:

I start with the letter E.
I end with the letter E.
I usually contain only one letter
Yet I am not the letter E!
What am I?

He swears the answer to the puzzle is "Eye." The answer is actually "Envelope" (get contains a "letter"...haha.) Anyways, his reasonings is that "Eye" starts with E and ends with E, and that "I" contains only one letter. But I say "Eye" and "I" are two different words! You can only answer the riddle with one word! So what do you think? Vote in the poll on the sidebar!! >>>>

The second thing I need feedback with is your creative uses for seemingly useless items. See some of my old posts like Uses for CDs to see what I mean.

What are some ideas you have for reusing:

- Cassettes
- VHS tapes
- Scrap yarn
- Scrap paper (or newpaper)
- Tissue boxes
- Magazines
OR Cardboard tubes?

I'd love to hear your suggestions!


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