Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double RAK

Ohhh, two packages! Who are they from??
(Apparently Blaze wants to know, too :P)

Its another RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) package!

Two to be exact.

This one is from kinichiriver on Ravelry. Such pretty colors! :)

And this one is from cowboycadesmomma. She sent full skeins* for me to love and enjoy! ^_^

Thanks a bunch you guys! I really appreciate it :)

*Just a side note. Many people confuse the different ways yarn is wound, so I'll explain them now, in the spirit of "yarn" week.

This is a ball of yarn:

This is a skein of yarn:

This is a hank of yarn:

and this is a yarn cake:

So now you know!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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