Friday, April 9, 2010

"WHY ME?" Embrassing Teen Stories

"I had my notebook out on my desk and it fell on the floor right in front of my crush. He saw my first name and his last name printed together in a heart! I was so embarrassed!" 

"I went to church one Sunday and sat in the front with my family. My little brother had 
to use the restroom so I had to go with him. I ended up going to the bathroom too. When we walked down the aisle we kept hearing snickers coming from people in the pews. I got back to my seat and was about to sit down, I realized my dress was bunched up in my panties. No wonder why everyone was laughing!" 

"I had lost my brother on a fairy boat one time so I went looking for him. I found this kid that looked just like him and he had blue shorts on just like him too. I called his name, thinking that he was my brother, but he wouldn't look at me so I walked up to him and slapped his butt. He started screaming and that's when I realized it wasn't my brother! Everyone around me was looking over so I ran away. Oh, and I eventually found my brother!" 

"I had just gotten out of practice and walked up to what I thought was my mom's car, I was texting my crush and was really distracted as I put my bag in my seat and buckled up. I greeted my mom like I always did but when she responded, it sounded different, I looked up and saw the confused looks on the women driving and one of my class mates. I got into the wrong car! The woman laughed and said, "Uh, do you need a ride?" I said nothing and ran out of the car but I forgot my bag and had to go back!" (I think this one was the worst! I laughed sooo hard! -Tyler)

"I was with my BFF in the mall and I thought I saw Robert Pattinson so we ran and shouted like crazy girls up to him. But when he turned around and looked at us (with a frightened look, needless to say!), it turned out not to be him. My friend and I just got bright red and ran away!" 

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Btw, I'm sooo winning in the poll! (its in the sidebar) Bf claims its because I "worded it to make his answer look stupid," but I say it's 'cause I'm right! haha. Well there's 5 days left to vote, so we'll see who wins this thing. (me)

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