Monday, April 5, 2010

Tease your Brain!

Can you get all of these brain teasers right without cheating? I couldn't! Good luck to you :)

Puzzle 1:

Can you complete the following language equations? For example 24 H in a D is 24 Hours in a Day.
366 D in a L Y
50 U S
8 S on a O
52 C in a F D
90 D in a R A
7 W of the A W
12 S of the Z
18 H on a G C 

Puzzle 2:
I start with the letter E.
I end with the letter E.
I usually contain only one letter
Yet I am not the letter E!
What am I?

Puzzle 3:
s oou oan oee, oy poinoer oepoacos eoero thord oetoer oito tho leoteo 'o'. How mony oifoeront oetoero haoe boen oepoacod?

Puzzle 4:

What is the next number in this sequence?

1 11 21 1211 111221 ==?==

Puzzle 5: 
Answer quickly. Starting with an empty barrel, which happens first?

2/3 full
1/4 empty
1/2 full
3/4 empty

Puzzle 6:

In a dictionary, the verb 'BE' is described as:
BE [verb]

first and third person singular past indicative: 
second person singular and plural and first and third person plural past indicative: 
past subjunctive: 
past participle: 
present participle: 
first person singular present indicative: 
second person singular and plural and first and third person plural present indicative: 
third person singular present indicative: 
present subjunctive: 
Therefore you can correctly say 'I am', 'she is', 'you are', etc. Is it ever grammatically correct to say 'I is'?

Puzzle 7:
During a crazy weekend of paintball, four friends were having great fun. The paint came in blue, green, yellow and red. Coincidentally, the four friends had T-shirts in those same colours. Brenda used blue paint balls. The person in the green T-shirt used yellow paint balls. James was not wearing a red T-shirt. Diane used green paint balls and wore a blue T-shirt. Simon was the only person who used paint which was the same colour as his T-shirt. Can you tell which colour paint they each used and the colour of their respective T-shirts?

Puzzle 8: 
Which word becomes longer when you remove one of its letters?

Puzzle 9:
They are three errers in this puzzle, what are they?

Puzzle 10: 

Read each line aloud without making any mistakes. If you make a mistake you MUST start again without going any further.
This is this puzzle
This is is puzzle
This is how puzzle
This is to puzzle
This is keep puzzle
This is an puzzle
This is idiot puzzle
This is busy puzzle
This is for puzzle
This is forty puzzle
This is seconds! puzzle


Puzzle 1:
 366 days in a leap year.
50 United States.
8 sides on a octagon.
52 cards in a full deck.
90 degrees in a right angle.
7 wonders of the ancient world.
12 signs of the zodiac.
18 holes on a golf course.

I got the first two...but after that I was lost. lol :P -Tyler

Puzzle 2:
An envelope.

Puzzle 3:
The answer is 15.

The paragraph should read:

As you can see, my printer replaces every third letter with the letter 'o'.
How many different letters have been replaced?

I actually figured out the sentence after reading it for a while, but somehow I counted 14. >_< -Tyler

Puzzle 4:
312211: each term describes the previous term. Therefore the missing term should be read as: three ones, two twos and one one. 

Puzzle 5:
3/4 empty: since 3/4 empty means 1/4 full.

I actually got this one right! ^_^ -Tyler

Puzzle 6:
Yes: I is the first letter of the word igloo!

Puzzle 7:
Name    Wore    Paint
Simon   red     red
Brenda  yellow  blue
James   green   yellow
Diane   blue    green

Puzzle 8: 

Puzzle 9:
1. errers [should be errors]
2. They [should be There]
3. there are only two errors

Actually, I think there are 5 errors because the comma should be a period, and the W in "what" should be capitalized. Thats 4 errors, which then makes the fifth error. Ha. I can say confusing things too, BrainBashers! -Tyler

Puzzle 10: 
Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top.

All puzzles were found on

Have a great Monday everyone! =)


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