Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flash your Stash!

My blog posts are going to have a theme this week. The theme is yarn, yarn, YARN! 

I'm a knitter. Can you tell that yarn gets me a little excited? :P

So, to start off the week, I'm going to flash my yarn stash! This is all the yarn I own, and where it lives.

These two long bins live under my bed:

And a few huge skeins that couldn't fit in the bins (I put a regular-sized skein next to them for size reference)

My cotton yarns: Sugar n' Cream and Knit Picks Crayon

My novelty yarns: Eyelash yarns, T-shirt yarn, glow-in-the-dark name it.

My wools: As you can see, I love Patons SWS.

Some partial skeins/scraps for my scrap yarn blanket:

And the rest are in two drawers I kidnapped from little sis's dresser ^_^

And thats my little stash! It's very much in need of some serious organization, but it's mine nonetheless.

 If you're a crafter, let me see your stash! Painters, flash your paint. Sewers, flash your fabric and thread. Sculptors, flash your clays. You get what I mean. :P

P.S. Only 3 days left to vote in the poll on the right sidebar. Make sure you get your opinion in! By the way, I just changed my template to a 3-column one today. Do you like it? The best part is, thanks to Blogger Drafts, I didn't have to bother with any pesky HTML ^_^


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