Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Uses for old CDs and DVDs

Do you have a bunch of old CDs, DVDs, and CD-ROMs (remember the ones AOL used to send?) piled up in your house? Don't throw them away! Here are 10 (mostly) practical, green uses for those old CDs. 

1. Glue non-shiny sides together, and voila! You've got a coaster :)

2. Make a disco ball

Recycle Junk Cd's - Make A Disco Ball! - Watch today’s top amazing videos here

3. Make a clock.

4. Make a playing card holder 

5. Turn your CDs into a work of art by making a mosaic.

6. Make a pen holder.

7. Refrigerator Magnets - Cut a picture into a 2"- 3" circle and glue to center of the CD's shiny side. Attach a magnet strip to the back.

8. Make a wallpaper. (alternative: stick them directly to your wall, shiny side out. do this at your own risk of course.)

9. Make a lamp 

10. Cut them into rectangles, and place them on your bike spindle to use them as reflectors.


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