Friday, February 19, 2010

"WHY ME?" Love horror stories

These love horror stories are sure to make you cringe. Brace yourselves!

1. Today, I was in school and spotted my girlfriend in the hallway. I wanted to be all romantic and grab her like guys do in movies. I grabbed her wrist forcefully and pulled her out of the crowd. As I quickly leaned in to kiss her I broke her nose. -Anonymous, USA

2. Today, I was on Craigslist looking for a new guitar. I found the diamond earrings and necklace set I gave to my girlfriend last year. She wants 50 bucks for them.

3. Today, my girlfriend and I were waiting for the bus. The weather had been cold and snowy recently, and I'd realized I'd forgotten my transit card. She nonetheless got on the bus without me, I had to walk it alone in the snow. -kippis05, USA

4. Today, my daughter said she want's to be a stripper like daddy's girlfriend. We're still married. -ShayisPay101, USA

5. Today, my boyfriend of 3 years saw babywipes and assumed I had a kid. He broke up with me. I use babywipes to remove my makeup. -notababymama, USA.

6. Today, there was an extremely attractive girl at youth group, so I decided to introduce myself. Her reply was, "Wow, I've always wanted to meet a gay guy!" -Richard, mobile.

7. Today, my pissed off girlfriend used a window marker to write racist comments on my car. This would include: nazi symbols, white power, and a few others I won't mention. I live in a predominately black neighborhood. -..., USA

8. Today, I was shopping at Walmart when I ran into this stalker chick. She introduced me to her baby, He's named after me. -Anonymous, California.

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