Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to the (blogging) World..

So this is my first blog post ever. yaaay! ^_^

A few things to get you acquainted with me..

Name: Tyler (I am a female however. lol)

Age: 19

Birthday: June 16

Major: Business Management

Hobbies: I love to kniiiiiit! and crochet. and write poetry. and sew (not that i'm got at it). and upcycle stuff.
basically anything thats crafty DIY. I sell my knitted creations here.

^This is an example of my work. I might also want to mention that I'm Jamaican. lol

Favorite TV show at the moment: Ugly Betty!

Favorite song of the moment: The World Should Revolve Around Me by Little Jackie

Favorite season: summer. no school, warm weather, my birthday....its perfect!

Fears: Failed exams, wasps.

Temperament: Melancholy

Pet peeves: People calling me "Taylor" (my name is Tyler)

Favorite colors: violet, hot pink, lime green, neon blue

Shopping weakness: shoes and clearance items (sometime I'll buy something I don't like just because its 1 or 2 dollars! >_<)

Favorite Magazines: Seventeen and Teen Vogue

Favorite Websites: facebook, twitter, ravelry, etsy, threadbanger

Interests: Fashion, DIY, Environment

Favorite boy band: Jonas Brothers!

Something I want to do before I die: visit each continent (except for Antarctica) at least once.

Well I think thats enough for now, I'd better save some for another time! lol

If you're following me, make sure you follow me on twitter and facebook too.

Thanks for reading! Y'all come back now! ^_^


vivinvish said...

You're FEMALE?!?! I think the pink (rhyme!) threw me off!

Neon blue? That's a new one.

I think Jonas Brothers are gay.

I would like to take you to those continents cutie. ;)

You forgot to mention your favorite guy in the world. BIG error -_- lol

Christine-Posh Wash Soap said...

Good luck with your new blog Tyler. I am just starting to work on mine more too. I was thinking about doing a giveaway. That might get some interest going. You can use my idea too! :-)

Tyler said...

Thanks Christine, let me know if you decide to do that give away! :)

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