Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Works in Progress

I have at least six knitting/crochet projects going on right now *Sigh* Actually, more than that, I think--but I've stopped working on those so long ago they're in hibernation now, so they don't count. lol. Well here they are, in the order that I started making them.

This one is "Ultra Femme" from Debbie Stoller's "Stitch n' B*tch Nation" book. Its gonna be a pretty sweater for me to wear to church. :) As of now though, its been on hold for about a month because of the next two projects I'm working on. The yarn is GGH Samoa.

This one is "Heart" from 
(its a PDF, scroll down for the pattern) I'm making it as sort of a winter-spring transition scarf. The yarn is the oh-so-yummy Noro Silk Garden ^_^

This project is almost done! Its a simple crocheted bag. No pattern. One girl at my school hired me to omake it for her after she saw the knitting bag that I made. Now all I have left to do is line it, add a magnet closure, and sew on the handles :)

The rest of the WIPs are blankets, so I'll leave those for another day ;) Happy Wednesday!


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