Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Mall Run!

I got a chance to go shopping with my shopaholic friend Marsha today :) I decided beforehand that I wasn't going to spend more than $50.....i ended up spending about $62. >_< Not TOO far off, but overbudget nonetheless. I make myself feel better by saying I really did need everything I bought though :P Anyway, here's what I got!

1. Black sandals from Wet Seal ($12.80).
2. Something from Victoria's Secret PINK. If Victoria can keep it a secret, I think I will too. I'd rather than post a picture of my unmentionables for the world to see. Undertandable, right? :P (Free with coupon)
3. A gorgeous red pair of heels from Charlotte Russe ($35).
4. A ruffly hot pink wallet from Body Central ($9.80).

This time was different, because I usually don't buy things for retail price, but nothing I really really liked (and needed) was on sale today. And there were President's Day sales going on too! Oh well, better luck next time.


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