Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Works in Progress: Blanket Obsession

Ever since I started working on Shelly Kang's Sock Yarn Blanket, I've become obsessed with knitting Blankets!

I'm working on two sock yarn blankets (one with worsted weight acrylic yarn, another with actual sock yarn) and a 10 Stitch blanket (official pattern is on Ravelry, similar instructions can be found here as well).

Pixels of my loverly blankets to be:

This is the first blanket I've ever started for myself. I started it June last year and its been growing ever since! As you may notice... it looks a little lopsided. The squares take so long to make that sometimes I forget what colors I was gonna use on the next row, so I cheated and went ahead a little. :P

Here's my "actual" sock yarn blanket. I started it just last week :) I don't have much sock yarn so each of the colors was used about 3 times each for the first two rows. I can tell that this one is gonna take a while!

This is my 10 Stitch Blanket/Scrap Yarn Blanket/Ugly Blanket. I'm doing this to use up scraps and not worry about the blanket turning out pretty. In fact, I expect it to be ugly. lol :P This pattern is very interesting, though.    Most blankets are worked across hundreds of stitches, but this one...only 10. Its basically one reeeally long strip that connects with itself. In the end it longs kind of like a long sqaure snake, like in the old video game... Snake.

Have a great week everyone! :)         


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