Monday, June 21, 2010

20th Birthday Report

I had an awesome birthday! I ate out with my family and ended up with lots of goodies too! ^_^

Here are all the sweet pressies I got in the order I received them

The first gift came from by boyfriend. He gave it to me a couple of weeks ago when I visited him. It's 4 hanks of Mmmmalabrigo (you can see that I already started a project with one of them. Eager hands. lol :P) and 2 sets of double pointed needles. He just remembered me saying that Malabrigo was really nice yarn once. Even I didn't remember ever mentioning that to him! Awesome, right? Don't you love it when they listen? ^_^

Louie RAK
The next one, believe it or not, came from someone I've never met! A RAK friend from Ravelry, LouieLouie, sent me two skeins of Noro Silk Garden and some Harajuku Lovers perfume! She even sent it by priority mail so that it would make it in time for my birthday. How sweet :)

After we were done eating at Nothing but Noodles, we went to Hobby Lobby and I treated myself to some yarn for a sock yarn blanket I recently started (pics coming soon!) I'm saving the two purple ones for a pair of socks though. Maybe. lol :P

While we were at Hobby Lobby, my mom got me this fancy vase to display yarn in. Here it is with my fancy smanciest yarns. Recognize any of them? :P

After Hobby Lobby, we went clothes shopping and I got

A top for church

A cute blue skirt

And a flowy dress for school.

So as you can see, I got plenty of things that were on my birthday wish list. Told you I had an awesome birthday! :D


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