Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh so punny

Some of you my remember by post about visual puns from much earlier this year. Well, I'm back with more puns to challenge your brain. See how many you can guess!

(hint: pay special attention to the numbers and the way the lines look)

(all found on


1. Duck Tape
2. F-bomb (like the F word)
3. Friendly fire
4. Lost control
5. Mug Shot
6. Tan (tangent) lines
7. Como te llama(s)? (The animal is a llama, and "como te llamas" means "what is your name" is Spanish)
8. A pimp and his hose (hos)
9. Watching a little football
10. Rubber duck E (rubber ducky) 

Hope you had fun! Enjoy your weekend!


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