Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Made a sale!

I'm sorry, but I'm soooo excited because I've finally made a sale on Etsy, and I haven't in many many weeks. I almost gave up all hope, but a few days ago, I relisted a few items (without being sure if they were worth the 20 cent listing, lol) and tonight I made a sale!!!

This is what I sold

Purdy, ain't it? :)

"But Tyler," you may say. "I'd like a scarf like that too. In my favorite colors--no! My team colors. Oooh, no! My school's colors. Heck why not one of each!!!"

If that is your problem, my dear reader, I can help. Just send me an email at telling me what colors you'd like your scarf, and we'll work something out :)

In the meantime, you can always check out the other items I have available at I have just a few precious items up right now, but I'll be adding more all throughout next week. 

Anyways, happy almost weekend everyone!


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