Friday, March 18, 2011

WHY ME?! Embarassing Teen Stories

“I was 13 and I had just bought my first real high heels! They were pretty high, but I wore them everywhere. One day.. as I descended down a steep hill, I fell and ROLLED down the hill. The rest of the day, everyone who was with me kept asking if I needed help walking in my heels. Ugh.”

"I was working at an after-school event for a committee with the guy that I have a crush on. We were in the teacher’s lounge filling envelopes when suddenly I got a paper cut on my finger. It was no big deal, so I went over to the sink to wash it out. We were joking around, and he came over to me and gave me a surprise hug while I was smiling. So I hugged him back, and when I pulled away, my braces were caught onto his shirt. I was completely embarrassed and he ran away telling the whole committee what just happened."

"I was in a rush to get out of class because the bell to go to the next period rang, so I ran up to my teacher’s desk to get a paper signed. When she signed it, I whipped around to leave and knocked over her picture frame AND made her drink fall all over her! To make matters worse, my crush was standing behind me waiting to get his paper signed!"

“In French class, we were told to study with partners for a test. I got paired up with my crush, and we ended up flirting. Finally, I got up the nerve to ask if he’d be interested in going out with someone like me. He paused and I got so nervous waiting that I let out a gigantic fart! Everyone stared at me and laughed!”


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