Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Listing! Purple Bangle Mini Purse

purple tyler handmade purse 2

Its been a long time since I've added something to the shop, so I'm super excited! You can find the link to the listing here, and since you're following me, you get to see ALL of the photos--not just the 5 photo limit on Etsy.

Here's the description:

This purse was designed to keep your valuables close to you while doubling as a stylish accessory. This little purse dangles from your wrist, keeping it safe from straying hands at all times.

Its just big enough for you have the bare necessities on hand for a party, wedding, or other social event. 

Ease your mind during the hours before a flight by keeping your passport, boarding pass, and cellphone safely tucked away in a tiny bag on your wrist.

And the photos:

purple tyler handmade purse 3

purple wrislet purse clutch at tylerhandmade blog 6

purple tyler handmade purse 1

purple tyler handmade purse

purple wrislet purse clutch at tylerhandmade

purple wrislet purse clutch at tylerhandmade blog5

Oh, and about the name. "Purple Bangle Mini Purse"--I'm not really sure about it. Any suggestions? It has to be descriptive, and with words that people would search for, so an obscure name won't do. What would you name this purse?


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