Monday, July 19, 2010

Kool Aid + ..Yarn?? = An Interesting Experiment

When I'd been knitting for about a year or so I read an article on Knitty (yes, I'm a knitting dork. lets all laugh :P) with a tutorial for how to dye your yarn in a crock pot. I just laughed thinking, Wow. Knitting is one thing, but I can't believe some people actually spin and dye their own yarn. Sheesh. Lets not take a good hobby too far here people. Sooo here we are 4 years later and I'm blogging about my first yarning dying experiment! :)

We start off with a simple little 2 gram hank of sock yarn. Hmm, what color to dye it though?

Oooh how about Strawberry Kiwi! That should make the white parts look pinkish and and give the blue parts a plurply look I'm guessing. Let's see how this turns out! :)

Ok, so the instructions say I should wash the yarn and soak it for a bit.

Alright now it says two packs of Kool Aid per 50 grams of yarn. My super awesome math guesstimation skills say about half 1/2 a teaspoon should do it.

Mix in a little water and I'm almost ready to toss the yarn in! 

Ahhh ok. Apparently my super guestimation skills are a tad off. Definitely NOT enough color. Lets try another teaspoon of Kool Aid.


Now for the mad scientist portion. Gotta zap my yarn baby in the microwave for 2 whole minutes. Eep!

Looks like the experiment was a success!

And the colors turned out just how I expected them to ^_^

And it looks quite cozy in my sock yarn blankie :)


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